An opaline base securely anchored to the ground, a transparent cable and an aluminum rod that almost fades into the background, the AWARE lamp is as thought-provoking as it is functional, making us reflect on the source of light in our environment. As its name suggests, it engenders an awareness of the use of electrically-powered light in modern society. Halfway between sonar, radar or simple antenna, AWARE rises up as a luminous indicator, a point of light in space. Raised to human height, its stem is surmounted by a permanently-illuminated LED indicator light and incorporates a touch sensitive dimmer switch over its entire surface, allowing a gradual modulation of the light. Half celestial body, half mirage or apparition, the light displays its essence – diffused, controlled and adjusted by one’s fingertips.

Prize : VIA grant 2003
Materials : Opaline glass – Lacquered steel and aluminium
Dimensions : 100x23cm
Photos : Philippe Frisée
Produced by : Ligne Roset, France – from 2004 to 2010