Recapturing the severity found in both robots and many tribal masks, the DOMESTIC series puts into sharp focus Man’s relationship with animals and objects, through the application of design and customization to bodywork, fashion, make-up, and tribes and their costumes. Conceived as a mash-up of childrens’ and adult toys, these molded resin masks have black holes for the eyes and mouth, absorbing all light, each of them appearing to be a portal to Outer Space. Both creepy and cute, unusual and familiar, DOMESTIC is a collection of varying contrasts and special effects in their finish. Each piece – be it matte or glossy, chameleon, candy, or iridescent, decked out in studs, hair or even S&M dummies – revives in us a desire to cloak ourselves in a costume and join in this universal delusion.

Materials : Car body painting on resin – Hair – Leather – Stainless steel – Stickers – Gadgets – Gold plated aluminium
Dimensions : 100% series : Rabbit 37x24x7 – Mouse 30x31x12cm – Bear 29x22x8cm – Dog 29x22x8cm / 200% series : Rabbit 74x48x14cm – Mouse 60x62x24cm – Bear 58x44x16cm – Dog 58x44x16cm
Produced by : FC Sofia – 100% series : 8+4ex – 200% series : 4+1ex or unique piece