We have rebooted ourselves; our disk drive is erased, all extraneous information deleted, leaving us to concentrate on what’s important. Except some images remain indelible – fixed in our imagination, unforgettable. Like a resurrected archetype, EMPTY MEMORY reinvents the classic Petit Bateau knickers as an authentic work of art. Its figure and ground evocative of armored knickers, an ersatz for protection and chastity. Man’s obsession of looking up girls’ skirts is embodied here as a kind of illusion, a fantasy shape that combines inspiration with a sensation of vertigo. EMPTY MEMORY is an inside-out project, a memory that is both empty and full, able to turn heads while stimulating our emotions.

Materials : Car body painting and gloss varnish on resin and collage- Silver plated bronze
Dimensions : 20x30x15cm – 39x48x39cm
Produced by : FC Sofia – Unique multiple – 8+2AP