Developed for Brisach, in partnership with VIA, the KYOTO fireplace incorporates many eco-design features. Calibrated to fit a standard and economic transport format, this prototype fireplace proves to be as valuable a design concept as it is a response to real and pressing ergonomic and ecological constraints. Both inventive and interactive, it puts the hearth at its heart by raising it up, all the better to be admired. Behind its reconstituted stone facade and equipped with fin-shaped shelves which help diffuse the heat, this fireplace, as elegant as it is practical, features side storage spaces and a niche on top for hot stones. Stones that are equipped with thermoelectric modules which, when placed on hot surfaces, convert heat differences into electricity. This fireplace recycles energy. When design radiates with such a glow, our fascination turns sooner or later into a sensation somewhere between relaxation and levitation. YS

Prize : VIA Grant 2012
Materials : Reconstituted stone
Dimensions : 200x160x56cm
Produced by : VIA / Brisach, France – Prototype