Between a holiday reminiscence and an iconic garden furniture, the Lorette chair comes as the new creative breakthrough connecting Frédéric Sofia and Fermob. A breakthrough as well as a claimed act, fruit of a long gestation process gathering within a homogeneous project, concepts, values and various influences. Officially launched in January 2018, during the Maison & Objet Salon in Paris, Lorette revisits the myth of the countryside, without its rusticity. This beautiful French countryside that is fantasized by urban people and by all foreigners, dreaming about a Luncheon on the grass. Thought to bring to perfection the secular charms of second homes worthy of the name, this new sitting scenario resumes while transcending many of the usual rural codes present in the collective imaginary. On top of its all-steel structure, its base pads revive the old stigmas of old wrought iron chairs, mounted in a way they cannot sink into the ground. Inspired by the Moucharabiehs, the patterns recall the principle of caning garden, here worked in a monogrammed way, as an ultimate nod to the luxury world and this notorious elegance, refining the hexagon,through its gardens and fields. At the crossroads, this hybrid object smells good the countryside Sundays, coming in the entire Fermob colour palette, as a chair, a table, a bridge and textile accessories. One can easily imagine its future extensions, from a bench to a conversation seat. To admire with some distance or in the very heart of the cities, this vernacular essentiality is here revisited into a chic, known as perfectly French. YS

Materials : Painted steel
Dimensions : Chair 52x54x84cm
Produced by : Fermob, France