Right in the heart of Shigeru Ban’s Pompidou Center in Metz, FC Sofia showcased their expertise and addiction to materials. Designed for young people as a fascinating visual journey, the MATERI’OH exhibition highlighted the bottomless pit of artistic materials found in FC SOFIA’s universe. Between the clearly stated tribute to automotive tuning and the excellent work done on color and customization of tribute, each piece draws attention to itself through the extremely sophisticated paints and textures used. Each paint effect, be it chameleon, candy, thermally sensitive, fluorescent, phosphorescent, opalescent, laced with glitter, or pigmented, invited young audiences to familiarize themselves with the worlds of design and contemporary art. Educational and fun, the exhibition gave food for thought through the two REVOLVING DOMESTIC works and the two workshops where everyone could express their own talent, in the true spirit of customization. YS

Materials : Car body painting on PMMA and resin – Painted steel
Dimensions : 12 discs 60x60cm – Revolving Domestic Mouse : 960x50x50cm – Revolving Domestic Rabbit : 974x50x50cm
Produced by : Centre Pompidou-Metz