A combination of munition, phallic symbol and cosmetic product, MISS WAR features the inveterate passion for weapons that FC Sofia harvests – not for their violent fate, but for their design, precision, formal efficiency, technological perfection and high sophistication. From arrows to missiles by way of assault rifles, military symbolism returns in this critical work of discourse. Shiny and powerful, MISS WAR demands admiration as its chameleon paint changes color from every viewing angle. As it warps the visual grammar of war into a more sensual shape, this repackaged archetype reconciles different cultures, passing from male dominance towards a distinctly feminine aesthetic and from collateral damage to the rebirth of a techno-sexual artwork and a symbol of peacemaking. YS

Materials : Car body painting on resin
Dimensions : 110x19cm / 200x35cm
Produced by : FC Sofia – Unique multiple / 8 colors