A graphic splash and a large dose of irony, presented as a luxury product, MONOTYPE gathers and features a body of references that is a common thread throughout the work of FC Sofia. Behind the symbolism of the Porsche 911, a simple sports car hood affirms its visual power through a layering of codes. Misleading or reappropriated, these codes, which, when modeled on the bodywork of a legendary car evolve over time with its growing success. Beyond the work of art itself, MONOTYPE questions, through its design, the ambiguities found in our desire to own luxury items and the ostentatious temptation that their influence encourages. Like the 911, the luxury brand emblem is reproduced here, using the S&M imagery of a set of interlocking whips and handcuffs. Repeated all over the surface and painted, using a technique used by the automotive industry the power of this piece’s imagery lies in its allusions to the objects and images found in the history of design and branding. Both good and evil, according to one’s perspective, this multi-layered project crystallizes the current phenomenon of peoples’ obsession for monograms and logos. YS

Materials : Car body painting on 911 SC Porsche hood
Dimensions : 122x120cm
Produced by : FC Sofia – Unique piece