These fifty-odd stone information displays designed for le pays de l’Ourcq, a region of France, bring heritage communication into modern times, while staying very much in keeping with their rural surroundings. While avoiding the pitfall of being too quaint, each one pays tribute to the work put into the stone by a partnership of local stone masons. Designed as genuine monoliths, each plinth reflects the ground, heritage and history of the place. This family of plinths reflects the underpinning geological strata and highlights the richness of the agricultural land on both sides of the Canal de l’Ourcq. Land which is brought to the fore here through each plinth’s physical and metaphorical connections.

Materials : Cutted stone – Enameled lava stone
Dimensions : H100x40x40/60/120cm
Produced by : Pays de l’Ourcq, France