The provocatively named PIMP MY PX is a customization and reinvention of the legendary Vespa PX. Since childhood, Frédéric Sofia has had a boundless and inexhaustible love of motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles. Here he indulges in two of his great passions: in the mechanics and workings of two-wheeled vehicles and in the visual language of modern and modernist objects, which by their very identity, convey a way of life and an ideology. A tribute to Mod culture and to the memorable scooter boys of the 1980s, PIMP MY PX passes through the mill of his imagination to become a souped-up scooter designed from the ground up. From headlight grill to back bumper, it’s finished in matte black and fitted with accessories borrowed from many popular subcultures. This scooter catches the eye with its highly stylized look, as chic as it is punk, and pays homage to the world of Quadrophenia. YS

Materials : Vespa PX 200 Millenium
Dimensions : 180x74cm
Photos : Philippe Frisée
Produced by : Private