FC Sofia’s contribution to a group show organized by the Galerie Laurent Strouk entitled Picasso Forever is a twisted tribute to one of his major works, assembled in the ready-made spirit of Marcel Duchamp. A simple archetype, the famous Bull head is rendered with a banana bike saddle, coated in lambskin and hand-sewn by a craftsman following the pattern of a Chanel handbag. Taken from a real American bicycle, the twisted half-moon handlebars pick up the strength of the horns in Picasso’s work. Once customized into a low-rider version, the animal takes on the mind of its master, becoming a new Minotaur, whose body is subsumed into the head. This is art reinvented through design and fashion. YS

Materials : Gold plated steel – Lambskin leather
Dimensions : 69x89x20cm
Produced by : FC Sofia – 4 pieces + 2 AP