What keeps a couple going? Hugs or drugs? PROVOLYX sets itself up as a semantic project through its critical discourse and its formal language. Created for an exhibition on the theme of the heart, this work plays on the property of scored tablets to break in two. This matte-painted heart-pill, intact or broken, creates its own tension, symbolizing both a loving couple and desperate loneliness. An object with a double meaning and a double aspect, its aesthetic draws on the image of the heart in popular culture. Similar in shape to the heart emoticon and that found in the I Love New York logo, PROVOLYX injects a sweetness into the drama, humor into depression. It soothes the heart, be it broken or not. YS

Materials : Mat varnish painting on fiberglass
Dimensions : 75x86x25cm
Produced by : FC Sofia – Unique multiple / 8 colors