The sticker has proved since the mists of time to be a popular promotion tool par excellence through its deluge of signs and meanings. Because it is as much a witness to a certain time, as it is to a movement or a human endeavor, it acts as a formidable vehicle for communication and decoration. The PROMO collection transforms a range of uniquely customized objects into veritable works of art, each telling a compelling story. From the ELEMENT range of vases, imagined as micro-architectures, to the iconic LUXEMBOURG chair, the PROMO series revisits each subject, giving it a new story as they are covered with stickers collected worldwide on the internet by Frédéric Sofia. By placing them in unique combinations on his chairs and vases he enters again the world of tuning, pursuing his passion for exploring the graphic logos and images which, beyond promoting brands or highlighting popular culture, are an integral part of the collective memory, be they official or re-appropriated. The PROMO series, like so many blank pages available to be perpetually reinvented and exhibited at Colette in Paris, the R’Pure Gallery in New York and at Harvey Nichols in Dubai, plays on the ambiguity of objects with a double meaning which, from propaganda to signs of association, seduce us with both their visual and cultural impact.

Materials : Gloss PU varnish on collage on earthenware or painted aluminium – Stickers – Patches
Dimensions : Vase 35x20x12cm – Chair 88x52x57cm – Low armchair 72x70x86cm
Produced by : Frédéric Sofia – Unique pieces