As each country differentiates and asserts itself through its war design and because every society sanctifies its identity through its development of visual codes and a collection of objects, this work, going under the name TECHNOPLASM, acts as a revelation, as cultural as it is sociological. An “evil” is here transformed into societal “good” by FC Sofia. Like some kind of explosive self-portrait, this majestic military work of art keeps you at arm’s length. From under this 2nd World War English Turtle helmet, the ectoplasm seeps out, a massive cluster of knickknacks unearthed on the internet. They are artful paragons of our obsession for disposable objects and their over-consumption. Be they kawaï, disposable and plastic, metallic and vintage, useful or useless, this armada of amulets, hanging like ex-votos, questions and challenges through the preponderance and lack of function of its components. Overstated in the extreme, its critical discourse is invaded by popular culture, with imagery bordering on fear and fascination, both reluctant and beguiling, as it wavers between the poisonous and the sublime in the blink of an eye. YS

Materials : Car body painting on vintage military helmet – mini toys – gadgets
Dimensions : Varied, around 60x30x30cm / Vivarium 190x50x50cm
Produced by : FC Sofia – Unique pieces