ZERO G / 35H


Freeing the body from the constraints of gravity, ZERO G invites us not only to sit, but equally to relax. Somewhere between an avant-garde chaise longue and an ajustable chair, it promotes the greatest comfort without skimping on design, form and function. It incorporates the technical prowess of four independent planes, articulated by pneumatic cylinders, free of any motorization. Commanded simply by the weight of the body, they match human morphology, adjusting naturally and providing a large range of possible positions through a simple system that controls the tilt of and the angles between the seat back, headrest and footrest. Reactive to the movement of the upper body, the ZERO G is much more than a recliner; it’s a sensual experience of dynamic and playful relaxation. A technological marvel at the behest of our feelings. Without electricity, nor a remote control, each combination of leg, seat and back positions guides the chair, according to its passenger’s needs, until reaching its maximally open position, which places the heart just below the level of the feet. New realms of relaxation have been opened up.

Prize : Specific grant VIA 2005
Materials : Leather or fabric – Painted aluminium
Dimensions : Close 120x74x120cm
Produced by : ZERO G : VIA, France – Prototype / 35H : Ligne Roset, France – from 2006 to 2010